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Our purpose at Alma Fria is to reveal the complexity of our terroir, rather than pursuing the concentration of our wine. We arrived at this philosophy by reflecting, listening, tasting and being open to all the sensations that accompany our work. In these times, when modern oenology often encourages multiple interventions to enrich a wine, it is difficult to understand that a winegrower should do almost nothing during vinification.

Our deep respect for nature demands the ancient approach. We choose to respect the natural balance of the soil and the natural process of fermentation. This allows us to produce wines that literally have nothing in them but grapes. Nothing except a tiny pinch of organic sulphur after malolactic fermentation is complete. This is true ecological farming and winemaking that honors mother nature and we are proud to have embraced it.

The challenge with this natural philosophy is determining, which terroirs are truly great, and then cultivating them with ethics and patience. We are now over twenty years into our personal wine journeys and are confident that the wines offered herein qualify as such. A wine made from a great terroir will be balanced from the start, and it will be good young, great mature and fine in its old age. And it offers a certain “aliveness” and originality that is the honest expression of the earth and sky.

The Blue Jay vocalization most often considered a song is the ”whisper song,” a soft, quiet conglomeration of clicks, chucks, whirrs, whines, liquid notes, and elements of other calls; a singing bout may last longer than 2 minutes.
California Jay


Outstanding In The Field Dinner

RICHARDSON RANCH Saturday 10/01/2022
5pm to 9pm

Join us for dinner with Outstanding in the Field, a roving restaurant without walls, at Sonoma County’s historic Richardson Ranch – home of the state’s oldest redwood

Richardson Ranch encompasses 50,000 acres of redwood forest, pastureland, and shoreline — plus a 25-acre Pinot Noir vineyard on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It’s also home to the state’s oldest redwood: a 1,640-year-old tree with a trunk as wide as a two-lane road. Needless to say, this is quite the majestic place to set the table. Our hosts will tell us all about the ranch’s impressive history, conservation projects and sustainable meat and lumber production before we settle in for a meal from guest chef Francis Ang of Abacá — an acclaimed Filipino-Californian restaurant in San Francisco. He’ll cook us up a feast of traditional Filipino dishes and flavors using all the glorious fauna and flora of coastal California, plus plenty of meat raised on the ranch.

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